Welcome to T.S.S.V. Lancelot! The student squash association of Tilburg!

Are you a student in Tilburg with a Sports Center membership? Do you play squash or would you like to try squash? Come and join a club night & register for T.S.S.V. Lancelot!


Join one of our weekly club nights every monday night and get a feeling of who we are and what we do! If that isn’t enough squash for you yet we offer internal and external tournaments, competitions and clinics.

  • Climb your way to the top in the Clubladder competition with a different opponent every 1 or 2 weeks.
  • Participate in the Battle of the Cities where you can play squash against other squash associations throughout the Netherlands.
  • Participate in the monthly in house squash tournaments and see how good you are in comparison to the other members of Lancelot.
  • And many more squash initiatives…


The other side of the association is the social side where you can meet the others away from the squash court!


  • Explore Tilburg in a scavenger hunt
  • Test your knowledge in a Lancelot pub quiz
  • Grab a drink after one of the club nights.

Come squash at Lancelot!

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