Current board

On this page, Lancelot presents the current board of the association. After two years of dormancy, Niels, Stan and Bram picked up the mantle to provide student squash players a home once again. Learn more about the board members here!

Niels Langedijk – Chair 2021-2022

My name is Niels Langedijk and I am Lancelot’s chair during the 2021-2022 season. As the chair, I am responsible for setting the agenda, hosting meetings of the board and GMM, creating association policy, and acting as the spokesperson for Lancelot. I love to be active in any sport, but the last few years I developed a passion for squash. I have been playing for a little over three years now, mostly in Breda. I moved to Tilburg where I wanted to find like minded squash enthusiasts. While I found the people I was looking for, I discovered Lancelot had gone dormant for a couple of years already. I became motivated to revive the association, so that everyone between interested beginner and passionate squash player would have a place to find that next challenging opponent. Together with Stan and Bram, I am creating that home base. If you are interested in how we are doing, feel free to come and take the tour.   

Stan Wesselius – Secretary 2021-2022

My name is Stan and my function is secretary of T.S.S.V. Lancelot. I’m studying ‘Leisure Studies’ and currently I’m following the minor ‘Organisational Sciences’ at Tilburg university. After a year as chairman of my study association, I was approached by Niels with the possibility to help revive the squash association in Tilburg. I was excited to grab this opportunity and strengthen my skills as a board member in the world of squash. As the secretary it is my responsibility to keep track of the incoming messages and initiatives, take minutes, update the members on any relevant changes inside the association and help to determine the policy plans. With the entire board we are creating a community with like-minded people with the same interests in squash. At the end of the year we hope to have built a steady base for the association so that Lancelot can strive and grow for years to come!

Bram van Dielen – Treasurer 2021-2022

Currently doing the Master Finance at Tilburg University after completing my Bachelor IBA there. My practical treasurer experience prior to Lancelot is meager but I have a good grasp of all theoretical aspects off the job due to my study and previous positions on corporate and governmental advisory boards (generally with a focus on education systems). I believe that my organizational skill and understanding of the inner workings of institutions make me a good treasurer and I am always looking to improve in the aspects of the job where I can still learn a lot.