Lancelot Club Ladder

At your level - when you want - as often as you want. Open for everyone with a sports center subscription!

Whether you just started playing squash, or you already play a ‘backhand volley dropshot’: Club Ladder is a fun and fast way to meet new squash players of your level at your club. Sign up and you will be playing your first fun match within the next 2 weeks.

At the start of the next round you receive an email with contact information about your opponent and how to plan your match. Your initial position is based on your play level. After the first round, only match results count.

Game rules

You play ‘best of 5’ using point-a-rally. If you need to leave the court early, the player that leads in games wins (or points if tied in games). You switch positions if you win against someone that is ranked higher. You drop 1 spot if you cancel a match or if you skip 2 rounds in a row. You are removed from the league if you cancel your matches 2 rounds in a row and you do not respond to email. You can always register again.

Complete overview of the rules click here


A new round is started every 2 weeks. At the beginning of the round the players receive an email with information about the next match. The higher ranked player suggests a day and time to play the match. The winner registers the results of the match. Results are processed at the end of the round. You can skip rounds by adjusting your settings.


You can sign up for the ladder at any time during the season. You can skip rounds, for example when you are going on a holiday. At the end of the season we congratulate the players with most matches and the top 3. You automatically join the next season, until you quit.

Complete overview of the seasons: Overview of the seasons

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