To practise and improve the sport of squash in all its presented forms. That was the aim of the founders of the ‘Tilburgse Studenten Squash Vereniging Lancelot’ when it was founded in 1989. Here, the board of 2021-2022 will give their interpretation of this purpose set out decades ago. We’d like to involve players from all levels in an association that provides a club night, where members are welcomed warmly and challenged properly; facilitates practise through trainers within the association and a trainer from the sports center; and activities to bond and bridge between members, so that the association becomes more than a place where we meet to play the game. In addition, the board would like to build a foundation that would grease the wheels of the association, with the intent to create a smooth and secure future.


T.s.s.v. Lancelot was brought to life to provide a social and sportive home for students attending higher education in Tilburg.


T.s.s.v. Lancelot aims to introduce sports enthusiasts to the sport of squash, to improve the level of squash played and to broaden members’ social networks.