At Lancelot, members get the opportunity to engage in a way that earns them points. The points can be earned through missions accomplished on club nights, participating in specific events, and helping the association where it is needed. At the end of the season, there will be prizes waiting for the top three on this leader board.

This leader board shows you who is furthest in the race to one of our prizes!

Points can be earned through a variety of challenges, issued by the board or one of the committees. There are missions to complete during the club nights, meme competitions, photo challenges, points for best outfits and much more. Ways to earn points are communicated to the members via the group chat and our social media platforms. Keep a look out to get ahead! All points will be verified by the committees and ultimately the board. Points can be earned up until the last day of June. If you have any questions, contact Lancelot or any of the board members!


1st Place – Unsquashable Precision-Lite Racket


2nd Place – 2 tickets to Doloris’ Meta Maze and a €20 voucher for their rooftop bar


3th Place – Special beer package brewed in Tilburg


Overview Challenges

Club Night Missions

During Lancelot club night, members can pick up missions to accomplish, earning them points in the process. If you want to earn these points, just let a board member know and they will help you through it!

Mission can be accomplished until the deck of cards is empty. Every mission is worth one point!

Meme Monday Challenge

This is a monthly event where members are given a meme template to fill in. You get 2 weeks to hand in your memes. The winner will receive points for the Lancies. You can also send in your own memes that will earn you points if they get featured in Lancelot’s Instagram stories!

Every member can get two points max for every template, one point per submission!

Find the golden squash ball

The Golden Squash Ball will be hidden somewhere in Tilburg. Every week, a more zoomed out picture will be posted of the location of the Golden Ball. The first one to find and bring it to a member of the Promotion Committee (Cas, Bo, Koksal, Stan or Tim) on a club night earns 5 points for the competition!

Photo challenge

All you have to do is take photos of challenges below and send them to our Instagram account. If your photo gets selected and posted you earn a point. For the first month, we chose:
1.) Make a picture with two other Lancelot members not on campus grounds.
2.) Make a photo with a member that recently joined Lancelot (last month/this month) in the sports bar
3.) Make a video of yourself while playing ‘knights of the round table’.

Every member can earn one point per photo challenge (3 points max) plus a change to get a point for best picture.

Monthly Drink

At our monthly drinks in Café ‘Van Horen Zeggen’, members can earn points through challenges (1 to 5 points) and for being best dressed according to the theme (2 points). So keep an eye out for the themes to come well prepared!