Next Board

Lancelot is looking for new board members! The association would like to transfer the responsibilities through an official vote during the GMM in May. To do so, we are looking for a Chair, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. There will be a transition period where the current board will help with the transfer of responsibilities to the new board. In addition, the current board will function in an advisory capacity during the next season.

This year’s candidate board members:

Candidate Chair: Emilia Boron

I am a bachelor student studying at Tilburg University. I come from Poland and in my spare time, I love to play squash, read and travel. I started to play squash at the age of 11. My competitive journey started at the age of 13 though, when I was 16, unfortunately, I needed to stop playing competitively due to medical advice. Recently, I started to participate in squash competitions again thanks to the association, where I found a lot of opportunities to play with various members, socialise and much more. This community became an important part of my schedule as I joined entertaining events and also when I became the head of the sports committee at Lancelot. Throughout this year being on the sports committee, I realised that I would like to contribute more to the association overall, not only in the squash related context such as organising competitions and the club nights on Monday. To that end, I would strive to make the association more welcoming towards beginners next year, but also try not to compromise on the quality of the games for more experienced players. I would also like to introduce more social events like organising some trips for association members.


Candidate Secretary: Tin Matek

My name is Tin Matek and I come from Croatia. I’m currently a second year IBA student and I joined Lancelot around a month ago. Unfortunately you couldn’t see me that often on Lancelot events because I was busy with my part-time job which I quit. I have the time now so in my free time I like to go for a run or play squash. Ofcourse, I also like to have a beer with friends and watch sports (f1, football, NBA, tennis). Besides my university, I’m also doing an internship as a Procurement intern. I would like to become a board member of Lancelot, because I see a huge potential for our sports organization to grow. I would probably take the secretary position, which means I would mostly support other board members. My goal would be to hype people up and bring as many people as possible to the organization. I know there are many people who want to join, but they just need a nudge to do so. Let’s make this organization grow!


Candidate Treasurer: Ahmet Köksal Soyluoglu

With this letter, I want to express my motivation and my qualification for the position of Treasurer and Board Member of TSSV Lancelot. I have been playing squash for more than 4 years. Last year, I had a chance to stumble upon a Lancelot revival poster and become a member. During this time, I actively participated in almost every club night on Mondays, in-house and semi-open tournaments. I really enjoyed those club nights and this association became a part of my routine. Besides that, I have been a committee member for the Promotion and the Activity Committee and we actively brainstorm on how Lancelot can even grow more with the help of these committees. If I become a Board Member, I can also share my previous experiences with these committees more actively.

Instead of Secretary and Chairman position, I would like to be Treasurer to have more hands-on
experience in Finance. I studied Business Administration in my bachelor and I have experience on
working with spreadsheets, Cash Flows and Balance Sheets. Also, I do believe I am not bad with numbers and this makes me a good prospect for this position. I hope I can express my enthusiasm to be Treasurer of TSSV Lancelot for next year. I am really excited to sustain our current members, add new squash enthusiasts to our association and finally leave an even better association for the next board.